The Religion of Witchcraft

by Brian Cain

Book Cover: The Religion of Witchcraft
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ISBN: 9781733246682
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Witchcraft is more than merely collecting crystals, lighting candles, and setting intentions. It isn’t just another avenue for expressing a new spiritual and personal identity. It is also not simply the creative invention of the pioneers of the revival of Witchcraft as is often asserted. At its core, Witchcraft embodies a contemporary priesthood devoted to the veneration of the great Goddess, qualifying it in every sense as a true religion. Its lineage can be traced to European folk practices and Western occult traditions, yet it is also the living reincarnation of Europe's enigmatic ancient mystery cults. In this compelling book, High Priest of Alexandrian Witchcraft Brian Cain delves into the resurgence of modern Witchcraft, charting its evolution over the last century, tracing back to its pre-Christian origins, and venerating its enduring and powerful Gods. Within these pages are unfolded the fabric of time, offering a glimpse behind the veil for the earnest seeker. It is an invitation to discover the inexhaustible cauldron of wisdom, an eternal wellspring for the ardent practitioner that never runs dry.

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About the Author

Brian Cain is a Witch and High Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition. He has been a devotee of Traditional Witchcraft since his early teens and was first initiated in 1994. Today he is the High Priest of the New Orleans Coven, the only practicing Alexandrian coven in Louisiana. He maintains strong ties to the magical roots of Witchcraft in the United Kingdom and follows the teachings of Alex and Maxine Sanders. His focus is on strong training in both priesthood and the Arts Magical.

With his husband, Christian Day, he co-hosts HexFest, a Weekend of Witchery held each August in New Orleans, as well as Festival of the Dead, a monthlong event series in Salem, Massachusetts that includes the Salem Psychic Fair and Witches’ Market and the Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball. Together they own Witchcraft shops Hex and Omen in Salem and Hex in New Orleans. They are also the founders and publishers of Warlock Press.

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