Initiation into Witchcraft

by Brian Cain

Book Cover: Initiation into Witchcraft
Walk the Path of Magic! 

This is a book about the religion of Witchcraft. It honors the old Gods, the ancient mysteries, and the secrets of magic. It will immerse you into the magical arts of Witchcraft and is an enchanted window into what Witches practice and believe.  

Initiation into Witchcraft is the only book I know of that truly addresses the importance of initiation. Its academic research has far surpassed nearly any Witchcraft book today. Brian Cain’s work will enlighten people as to how initiation changes your entire world.

— Laurie Cabot, Founder and High Priestess of the Cabot-Kent Hermetic Temple and author of Power of the Witch and The Witch in Every Woman

Initiation into Witchcraft is an exploration of the timeless traditions, essential ethics, and the awe-inspiring power of our Craft as well as providing basic practices that will help you to embrace the deeper ways of the Witch. It is a signpost for those seeking the path that begins the journey of initiation into Witchcraft. It is also a primer of occult techniques and rituals to prepare you for that journey.

… the history and practice of modern Witchcraft are worth remembering, honoring and preserving.  Brian Cain has done all of these and more, demonstrating in this thoughtful, thorough and generous book the divinely magical reasons for initiation and for disciplined training.

— Phyllis Curott, founder of the Tradition of Ara, attorney, host of The Witch Within online course, and author of four best-selling books

Witchcraft is a survival of the ancient mysteries. It is a force of significant power—and initiation is the key that unlocks that power. Initiation transcends culture. It transcends religion. It takes a community to manifest to priesthood and it takes initiation to become a priest … and a Witch.

… re-establishes the Witch-Cult as a religious and spiritual practice.  Highly recommended for anyone looking to join a traditional coven or simply seeking to take their practice to a deeper and higher place.

— Jason  Mankey, High Priest, Initiate, and author of Transformative Witchcraft: the Greater Mysteries

Witchcraft is personal empowerment magnified through a relationship with the old gods. Through it, you can direct the course of your life and find a path to your most powerful self.


About the Author

Brian Cain is a Witch and High Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition. He has been a devotee of Traditional Witchcraft since his early teens and was first initiated in 1994. Today he is the High Priest of the New Orleans Coven, the only practicing Alexandrian coven in Louisiana. He maintains strong ties to the magical roots of Witchcraft in the United Kingdom and follows the teachings of Alex and Maxine Sanders. His focus is on strong training in both priesthood and the Arts Magical.

With his husband, Christian Day, he co-hosts HexFest, a Weekend of Witchery held each August in New Orleans, as well as Festival of the Dead, a monthlong event series in Salem, Massachusetts that includes the Salem Psychic Fair and Witches’ Market and the Official Salem Witches’ Halloween Ball. Together they own Witchcraft shops Hex and Omen in Salem and Hex in New Orleans. They are also the founders and publishers of Warlock Press.