The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology

by Levi Rowland

Book Cover: The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology
Reclaim the Magic of Old World Astrology!

Astrology has impacted civilizations worldwide and throughout history. It has greatly influenced the philosophy, religion, art, and magic of Western culture and has inspired countless decisions in the lives of people from every level of society. Traditional Western astrology differs from your typical daily Sun-sign horoscopes. While it still follows the course of the Zodiac through the Heavens, it focuses on the powers of the seven classical planets—great celestial spheres that the ancients gazed upon for guidance and wisdom.

“I love the way it weaves the magical arts and ritual with Astrology. Get this book and immerse yourself in the magic of the spheres!”
— Louise Edington, author of The Complete Guide to Astrology

Traditional astrology is a holistic framework that melds the influence of the stars with your experience here on Earth to help you understand the Cosmos, your place within it, and how to harness its power to transform your fate. With it, you can integrate the entire vision of the Heavens into your magical and divinatory practices, for traditional Astrology is the cosmic playing field upon which both magic and divination intertwine.

“Steeped in lore, meticulously researched, beautifully illustrated, and lovingly rendered, The Art Cosmic is a must read for any serious astrologer!”
— Judy Ann Nock, author of The Modern Witchcraft Guide to Magickal Herbs 

Explore the Art Cosmic

  • Discover the seven classical planets that form the basis of all astrology.
  • Delve into the fundamentals of planetary magic, including a system of correspondences to use as a basis for meaningful spells, rituals, and workings.
  • Interpret natal charts using timeless methods of traditional astrology. 
  • Perform potent magical rites for each of the seven planets.
  • Master the planetary hours and the magic of timing your work according to the stars. 
  • Learn horary astrology: an illuminating method of divination using the horoscope. 
  • Experience the divine power of the seven planets: the gods, angels, and forces of nature.

The wisdom of astrology is a path for humans to understand the sacred. You aren’t just naming stars. You are discovering gods. You are seeking angels. You are seeing reflections of your own experience—your hopes and dreams. By working with the systems of magical astrology, you will connect to the infinite divinity of creation and find that golden light within yourself that binds you to the soul of the Universe!


About the Author

Levi Rowland is a professional astrologer working and living in New Orleans. With over 15 years of experience, he offers astrological consultations, workshops, and classes through online platforms and in-person at events such as WitchCon and Hexfest. Levi is a High Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition and teaches and works with traditional astrology, hermetic Qabalah, cartomancy, and ceremonial magic. Levi’s work in traditional Astrology is informed by his years of occult training and his work as a teacher, both in magical systems and in the mundane world where he teaches languages, interprets, and translates. His translation work has allowed him to open up classical texts to new audiences and help preserve traditional magical techniques for contemporary practitioners.