The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology

by Levi Rowland

Book Cover: The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology
Reclaim the Magic of Old World Astrology!

Astrology has impacted civilizations worldwide and throughout history. It has greatly influenced the philosophy, religion, art, and magic of Western culture and has inspired countless decisions in the lives of people from every level of society. Traditional Western astrology differs from your typical daily Sun-sign horoscopes. While it still follows the course of the Zodiac through the Heavens, it focuses on the powers of the seven classical planets—great celestial spheres that the ancients gazed upon for guidance and wisdom.

Traditional astrology is a holistic framework that melds the influence of the stars with your experience here on Earth to help you understand the Cosmos, your place within it, and how to harness its power to transform your fate. With it, you can integrate the entire vision of the Heavens into your magical and divinatory practices, for traditional Astrology is the cosmic playing field upon which both magic and divination intertwine.

Explore the Art Cosmic
  • Discover the seven classical planets that form the basis of all astrology.
  • Delve into the fundamentals of planetary magic, including a system of correspondences to use as a basis for meaningful spells, rituals, and workings.
  • Interpret natal charts using timeless methods of traditional astrology. 
  • Perform potent magical rites for each of the seven planets.
  • Master the planetary hours and the magic of timing your work according to the stars. 
  • Learn horary astrology: an illuminating method of divination using the horoscope. 
  • Experience the divine power of the seven planets: the gods, angels, and forces of nature.

The wisdom of astrology is a path for humans to understand the sacred. You aren’t just naming stars. You are discovering gods. You are seeking angels. You are seeing reflections of your own experience—your hopes and dreams. By working with the systems of magical astrology, you will connect to the infinite divinity of creation and find that golden light within yourself that binds you to the soul of the Universe!


The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology is both fascinating and brilliant at the same time. The author weaves some of the ancient traditions of astrology into a wonderful approach capturing its magic embedded in the symbolism of the planets. Levi Rowland includes in the book a firsthand experience of the planets in the form of guided rituals. I have never read a traditional astrology book so thoroughly researched. The author brings the art and science of astrology from its ancient past into the modern time period of today stimulating our creative imagination. The writing is a unique user-friendly tool to empower the reader. Whether you are new to astrology or a well-informed student or even a professional astrologer I highly recommend this book!”

“With so many books rehashing the same 101 material, it is so sweet to read something fresh and intriguing. Levi Rowland’s The Art Cosmic: the Magic of Traditional Astrology is a delight from first to last. It encourages the reader to think beyond Sun/Moon/Venus and understand how to use the tools of astrology in the service of magic. I recommend it.”

“Not since Patricia Crowther has an Initiate of the Craft been so inspired to bring to the public his perspective and insights of the myths, innate energies and ecstatic rituals of the seven luminaries. These vast powers have inspired us from the dawn of civilization to our present-day exploration of the universe. Levi Rowland’s new book, The Art Cosmic, will be a valued addition to any a occultist’s shelf. Whether you’re a novice or astrological adept, this work will inevitably enhance your practice and understanding of classical astrology. A must read for any magician or witch who is drawn to taking on the mantle of that magic—which comes from heaven itself.”

“In the vast sea of repetitive and reductive astrology books that we have seen over the past few years, Levi Rowland has finally given us something new. Rowland’s approach to astrology and magic is refreshing, and The Art Cosmic is innovative and groundbreaking. If there is one book on astrological magic that you buy this year, this is the one!”

“As an enthusiastic practitioner of Traditional Astrology, I read Levi Rowland’s book with great interest, growing enthusiasm and admiration. The Art Cosmic is a book that beginners will enjoy as well as practitioners with some experience. Rowland takes the reader through the seven planets (sorry Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto!), which were familiar to astrologers of previous centuries, and their meanings, resonance, and scope. He introduces us to the celestial spheres with intriguing short stories, that help personify these entities. Rowland also includes practical information that will help readers interpret charts. His magical spells are creative, but also indicate a deep love of history, which any reader with a taste for the mystery of long-ago will enjoy.”

The Art Cosmic is both eloquently written and easy to understand. Rowland does an amazing job of presenting extremely complex astrological concepts in relatable terms. I would recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn the sacred art and powerful magick of traditional astrology.”

The Art Cosmic is a uniquely heartfelt contribution to the field of western astrology. Both novice and master astrologers can benefit from the material, which explores everything from planetary rituals to the influence of archangels. This book’s common thread is magic. Because astrological disciplines are incorporated in virtually all paths of magical spirituality, it’s important to stay anchored in occult and metaphysical thought when exploring the infinite expanse of astrological influence. The cosmic mysteries are expressed here with wisdom, grace, intimate reverence, and awestruck humility toward the magic of ‘as above, so below.’”

“As a Modern Astrologer who has begun to integrate some traditional Astrology techniques into my work in my latest bestselling book, The Complete Guide to Astrology, and a Shamanic practitioner who loves to use ritual work to embody the energies, I found this book a marvelously comprehensive yet not overwhelming introduction to Traditional Astrology. I love the way it weaves the magical arts and ritual with Astrology, as I love to do in my own work. The very feel of the book is magical, from the fonts used to the imagery, and one of my favorite practitioners of magic wrote the forward! If you desire more than a dry Astrological text get this book and immerse yourself in the magic of the spheres.”

“In the past I’ve struggled to find books on planetary magic that have spoken to me—that are well researched yet approachable, and fun to read. That is until now. Levi Rowland’s debut book The Art Cosmic is extensive yet accessible for modern audiences and now a true favorite in my book collection. Richly dripping with esotericism, Rowland passionately takes readers on a journey through the cosmos—showcasing the infinite magic in our ever-expansive universe while reminding us that we are but one ingredient in the tapestry of its magic. Including rituals, first-hand knowledge, and charming wit, this book is the perfect guide for anyone looking to deepen their connection to planetary magic.”

“From the preface, ‘A Head Full of Stars’, Levi Rowland invites us to dive head long into this impressively deep pool of cosmic astrological wisdom. I love the building blocks approach to traditional astrology that Levi offers whilst celebrating and encouraging the importance of intuitive interpretation for the budding astrologer to enhance their magical practice. Beautifully written passages read like poetry as you are guided down a forest path to align with ancient Moon lore, or through a tangled city maze to meet the essence of fiery Mars. The reader, Witch or non, is expertly guided in ritual practice by the author in this comprehensive offering, which, with its engaging wood cut inspired illustrations and charts, can hold pride of place in any beginner or adept’s magical library.”

“Astrology is one of the most difficult topics to teach and probably the most confusing to understand, however, in The Art Cosmic, The Magic Of Traditional Astrology, Levi Rowland delivers a magnificent, technical, practical, informative and enjoyable work, so perfect for new adherents to the field of astrology, as a complement to those who have spent years studying the stars and its practical application.

“For those who are looking to immerse themselves in the theoretical and practical study of astrology, this book will not only be the most appropriate daily reference manual, but also a perfect complement with which to advance in all classes and workshops in the field.

“The author stands out among many others, with the appropriate use of references, and an in-depth study of the planets, also including a series of complementary rituals with perfect explanations.”

“A well-researched, well-reasoned guide to classical astrology made relevant for the modern practitioner.”

“Rowland makes astrology approachable without dumbing anything down. The Art Cosmic is the perfect mix of history, magick, scholarship, and ‘how to” information. An outstanding achievement.”

The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology weaves together the history, practice and magical applications of astrology with clear understanding and poetic delivery. What Levi Rowland offers in this book is a way of working in relationship with the cosmos, a perspective often missing from modern astrology text. This book has everything you need to begin your journey into the deeply profound world of traditional astrology.”

“Levi Rowland is one of the most thought-provoking and inspiring practitioners operating today. A brilliant and challenging speaker and teacher, his first book is every bit the clear, encouraging, and pragmatic work that we would expect. The Art Cosmic is an approachable and thorough entry point to an intimidating discipline, and has plenty to offer more experienced readers, as well. Levi’s passion is absolutely infectious. ”

The Arts of Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology by Levi Rowland is an inspired tome of divine celestial scholarship. Neatly organized in planetary fashion, Rowland begins with thorough explanations of our planetary system and then takes the reader on an inclusive multi denominational voyage through the cosmos.

“Rowland makes important observations on the geocentricity of astronomy and skillfully deals with the age old question by distinguishing between secular science and mysticism both ancient and modern. His conversational approach to a complex subject makes this book accessible to those new to astrology, yet there is plenty to enlighten the advanced practitioner as well.

“Steeped in lore, meticulously researched, beautifully illustrated, and lovingly rendered, The Art Cosmic is a must read for any serious astrologer. Written with great reverence, Rowland has given us a powerful reminder to look skyward and take in the vast beauty of seen yet unknown realms and revel in their influence and power.”

“A rich and helpful guide for exploring the power and magick of astrology! Sincere and well-researched, Levi Rowland knowledgeably grasps the spirit and energy, art and magick of astrology. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner, there is something within these pages for all to enjoy. The work is a masterful blend of academic and mystical, practical and esoteric, serious and creative, embracing the reader with a friendly tone and easy to understand scholarly information. The author’s delicious passion shines through every page, helping us embrace the unique divine cosmic soul of the heavenly bodies. Personable, easy to grasp, and brimming with valuable information the first seven chapters introduce us to the divine pattern of the planets, including their history, lore, correspondences, magick, and ritual. Succeeding chapters provide clear and concise definitions to astrological terminology and how this information relates to magick and enchantment … and better still? How you can harness this power. I wish I had this book thirty years ago when I began studying magickal astrology! Levi Rowland provides the reader with an amazing awakening opportunity. From psychic shielding to the astral temple, from horary interpretation to clear guidance on astrological timing the author does not disappoint! You have only to open the cover to receive his wonderful gift! May we all find that holy fire-- and listen. Thank you, Levi, for this tremendous work.”

“There is that moment when we look up into the clear night sky, take a deep breath, exhale and smile. We know in that smile that there is an intimate connection between us and the vast starry sky. Levi Rowland’s The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology is an absolute must in understanding the art of Astrology. Each beautifully written chapter (complete with charts) allows us a step closer in unlocking the lost language and meaning to the sacred geometry of celestial observations. Rowland orchestrates rituals and exercises within the book to help us connect to the power and hidden secrets held within each planet. This book is invaluable for those embarking on this ancient path of divination.

“Astrology for Occultists! This is the book that I wish had been available when I was first studying planetary and astrological magics. The Art Cosmic is scholarly and well referenced but also clear and concise making it incredibly accessible to any that want to dip their toes into the world of the wandering stars and beyond. It is jam packed with powerful meditations, clear explanations of both traditional and modern astrological principals, and even a few fabulous mysteries hidden in plain sight. Levi Rowland is knowledgable, refreshingly honest and unafraid to speak his mind, this coupled with his fastidious attention to detail makes his book a ‘must have’ for any shelf regardless of the readers current level of knowledge.”

The Art Cosmic is truly something to read. Levi goes into explanations that bring a huge understanding to this work. One of the lines in the book truly spoke to me. He said, “connection is everything.” Not only is that quite a powerful statement, it is foundational for growth. If you ever wanted to learn the ins and outs of astrology I would absolutely read the wisdom in these pages.”

The Art Cosmic: The Magic of Traditional Astrology by Levi Rowland is a delicious, captivating walk through Astrological arts in a wholly extraordinary manner. Rowland’s language is rich and poetic, where other Astrology books tend to be dry. Each page illustrates excellent historical research including quotes from brilliant thinkers and philosophers, and copious footnotes (thank you!). This tome explores the inspiration and guidance found in the stars-tiny bits of light inspiring language, arts, science, and society for eons. The Art Cosmic expresses the “as above, so below” axiom, showing how even in a modern world, the cosmic dance continues to play a role in daily life. Like the ancients, we can look to Astrology to discover anew the Angels, Guides, Ancestors, and the Gods. On a personal level Astrology offers an essential comprehension of our Higher Self, and a profound ken of the inner workings of our magical practices. It is a must read, but take it slow. Immerse yourself. Every page offers something worthy of your meditations.”

“Levi Rowland has produced a wonderful text offering readers a logical, concise, and non-dogmatic approach to one of the most time-honoured Arts of the Occult world - Astrology. Offering a complete and honest account of astrological history, development, terminology and practical application; Rowland provides a solid foundation for those new to the Art and important musings for those with more experience of the Celestial. The Art Cosmic also offers magical and ritual application to allow the reader to immerse themselves deeper into the experience of the Heavens; truly building a meaningful relationship with the often neglected natural wonder that is available to us all – regardless of where we are. The Art Cosmic truly has something of great value for anyone drawn to the Art of astrology. Highly recommended.”

The Art Cosmic was literally a transformative read. Levi’s book is remarkable in that it not only helps to demystify some of the aspects of traditional astrology, but envelopes the reader in an experience that is timeless with wisdom shared throughout the ages, meditations, rituals and done so in the fashion of a magical grimoire from a high priest of witchcraft, truly unique. The Art Cosmic is a piece of art in and of itself, reading it not only helped me become illuminated in celestial mysteries in a way I did not expect but reinvigorated my enthusiasm for astrology within my magic.

“Whether the reader be a seasoned witch, sorcerer or spiritual seeker, The Art Cosmic will be a book of enlightenment, reference and inspiration. For me this is the consummate guide for the magic of astrology in witchcraft.”

“Serious students of astrology and magic will find a lifelong treasure in The Art Cosmic. In addition to being packed with useful information, this book is both an inspiration and a delight. Whether you’re a beginner who wants to go far beyond the basics, a magical practitioner who wants to learn to work with planetary energy more masterfully, or an experienced astrologer who wants to gain a deeper and more dimensional understanding of the planets and their correspondences, this book is for you. It is a master key that will unlock the glittering magic and breathtaking power of the cosmos.”

“In The Art Cosmic, Levi Rowland has brilliantly captured everything I was taught about why planetary magick is so vital to Witchcraft. This is the book I wish I had when I was starting my journey; I am thrilled to be able to recommend it — not only to my students, but to practitioners of all levels.”

About the Author

Levi Rowland is a professional astrologer working and living in New Orleans. With over 15 years of experience, he offers astrological consultations, workshops, and classes through online platforms and in-person at events such as WitchCon and Hexfest. Levi is a High Priest of the Alexandrian Tradition and teaches and works with traditional astrology, hermetic Qabalah, cartomancy, and ceremonial magic. Levi’s work in traditional Astrology is informed by his years of occult training and his work as a teacher, both in magical systems and in the mundane world where he teaches languages, interprets, and translates. His translation work has allowed him to open up classical texts to new audiences and help preserve traditional magical techniques for contemporary practitioners.

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