Living the Elements: Extreme Adventures for Witches

by Fiona Horne

Book Cover: Living the Elements: Extreme Adventures for Witches

Join world traveling rockstar Witch, Fiona Horne and experience the sacred elements of Witchcraft in an action-packed, dynamic way that enlivens every fiber of your being and supercharges your spell casting. Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Spirit are at the core of magickal work and in this unique book, Fiona gives you the advice you need to invoke your most empowered self.

Fiona’s personal stories entertain, enchant, and educate. She gives you the tools to get out of your comfort zones, stretch your boundaries and let go of limitations. Fiona offers three activity levels, Transcendent, Potent and Passionate—choose one or work through all three! From visiting waterfalls to freediving, kite flying to skydiving, firedancing to volcano climbing, dark retreats to star gazing. Fiona offers advice on dealing with fear, spells for courage, and invocations for divine blessings and protection on your adventures. Whatever your physical or financial conditions, Living the Elements will change your life!

Praise for Living the Elements!

“Fiona and I have shared many adventures over many years and in many different countries. Our hearts are wide open to pushing the boundaries of experience in our pursuit of personal and spiritual growth and she has inspired me to journey even more deeply into the wonders of nature—land, sea, and sky. All of my homes have been blessed by Fiona’s magical fire dancing.

“Living the Elements is a book filled with Fiona’s captivating personal stories that invite the reader to awaken to the power and potential that extreme adventure can bring to their lives. With her inspiring guidance, the reader can explore the elements of the natural world in a way that is profoundly magical and intimately empowering.”

Dannii Minogue, Television Host, Music Artist, Author & Fashion Designer

“Fiona Horne is a longtime friend. We share a love of having extreme adventures in different environments—whether we are scuba diving with sharks or jumping out of airplanes around the world. Fiona was there cheering me on when I did my first wingsuit jump with Jeb Corliss at Skydive Perris many years ago.

“Fiona continues to impress me with her fearless spirit and her magical life and in her latest book, she guides the reader through adventures that take you from exercises and meditations within the safety of your own home to the very height of an active volcano—and beyond.

“Whether you’re seeking high adventure or just want to push some of the boundaries of your everyday life, Living the Elements will take you as far as you want to go while helping you discover the magic within yourself and the world around you.”

Roberta Mancino, World record holding skydiver, BASE jumper, high fashion model, Hollywood stunt woman

“The deeper core of elemental magick! In this approachable, unique, and encouraging book, Fiona expertly guides the reader in active elemental immersion, teaching directly from a plethora of personal experience. Witches, mystics, and spiritual practitioners of all stripes can benefit from Living the Elements. This book has genuinely helped inspire my life; it’s amazing how many opportunities await us in this world, no matter who or where we are.”

Raven Digitalis, author of The Empath’s Oracle and A Witch’s Shadow Magick Compendium

“The ultimate guide for the magical adventure seeker! Fiona Horne’s Living the Elements focuses on the active witch and the unique magic that accompanies the physical exploration of the earth and its inherent magic. Whether you’re a world traveler or a local hiker, this book will feed the soul of every magical wanderer.”

Tonya A. Brown, Editor in Chief of Witch Way Publishing, Host of The Witch Daily Show and author of The Door to Witchcraft 

“I’m pretty sure Fiona Horne is the most interesting woman in the world. While I’m almost certain I will never jump out of an airplane and chances are good I will not, in this lifetime, find myself in an underwater restaurant in Dubai, Fiona has inspired me to work with the elements at my own pace, in my own way, in more unique, challenging, and dynamic ways than ever before. While I have long considered elemental magic to be a profound way of shifting my energy and busting out of ruts, until I read this book I honestly didn’t even know the half of it. I’m grateful to Fiona for expanding my horizons with her bold examples, frank revelations, and gentle encouragement. If you’re interested in elemental magic, you really must read this book.”

Tess Whitehurst, author of You Are Magical and The Queen Mab Oracle

“Ignite your passion for adventure with Fiona Horne’s new book, Living the Elements. Drawing from her own personal experiences, Fiona shares intimate wisdom that is both inspiring and transformative as she fearlessly dives into the realms of earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. Through her captivating storytelling and insightful guidance, she takes readers on a thrilling journey where they can discover their own connection to the elements. Living the Elements not only empowers witches but also serves as a guide for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of nature’s forces and their role within it. Fiona’s ability to merge practical knowledge with her personal magical practices makes this book a must-read for individuals looking to awaken their spiritual potential. Whether you are an experienced witch, adventurist, or simply curious about exploring elemental energies, this book offers invaluable insights and tools that go beyond what you find in traditional books on exploring the magic of the elements. Prepare yourself for an exhilarating journey that will leave you inspired, empowered, and energized.”

Michael Herkes, author of The GLAM Witch and Glamcraft

“Vivacious, compassionate, courageous, and incredibly sincere, the author weaves marvelous magick to elevate your practice, and bring home the soul change you most desire. Take her hand and dance to the fire of embracing the joyous mystery of life. Fiona—daring, delightful, heart centered compassion—her words can fill your world with the music of positive change if you let them. She is the ultimate glitter witch—because it is her Spirit that gleams brighter than a thousand stars. Don’t miss this excellent read.”

Silver Ravenwolf, author of Solitary Witch: The Ultimate Book of Shadows for the New Generation and Poppet Magick: Patterns, Spells & Formulas for Poppets, Spirit Dolls & Magickal Animals

About the Author

Fiona Horne was 19 when, in 1985, she formed Australia’s first all-girl punk group, The Mothers, who recorded a vinyl 7 inch single “Drives Me Wild” and 12-inch ep called “12 Incher” on the Waterfront Label.

At the time there were few women playing guitar and singing on Australian stages and young Fiona made her mark with her fearless stage persona, defiant lyrics, and powerful guitar playing.

In 1991 she co-formed electro/rock outfit Def FX who went on to have major local and international success, topping the independent charts consecutively, receiving an ARIA nomination for Best Independent Album in 1993, plus regular appearances in JJJ’s Hottest 100—Australia’s leading radio network.

Major label signings to EMI, RCA/BMG and Universal lead to mainstream chart success for Def FX.

One of Australia’s hardest working live bands, in the band’s seven-year career, they headlined to thousands and toured with international acts like the Smashing Pumpkins and No Doubt and performed every Big Day Out (Australia’s Lollapalooza) including opening the international main stage.

The band had significant success in the USA, signed to RCA/BMG in New York, two national tours, Top 20 Billboard chart positions and high rotation on MTV. Def FX also charted in Asia in 1996, touring Japan with No Doubt.

Fiona demonstrated unique songwriting abilities in Def FX, and her strong, wild stage performances captivated audiences in Australia, Asia, and the USA.

She inspired a generation of young women in the 90’s to be creative, confident, to rock hard and believe in themselves.

After Def FX, Fiona worked successfully in television and radio, hosting her own shows and with regular guest appearances on the networks Nine, Ten, Seven, and ABC, plus hosting Radio MMM’s “Homegrown” and “Planet Rock” countdown. She also released a single with ABC’s Paul McDermott, the ARIA charting, “Shut Up and Kiss Me,” and two solo music projects.

Coinciding with her work in television, Fiona commenced a writing career as the author of sixteen bestselling books on modern Witchcraft and two oracle decks, first published in 1997 ongoing. She is now one of the world’s most respected Witches, her work having a generational impact on the evolution of the Modern Witch. Her tireless devotion to dispelling negative myths and stereotypes contributes to the freedom of Modern Witches to practice their Craft today without fearing vilification and persecution.

In 2000, Fiona moved to the USA and continued working in television and radio, scoring a starring role in the Syfy Channel TV hit series, Mad Mad House, which saw her face on billboards in Times Square and an audience of 1.6 million tuning in every week.

After a successful 10 years in Hollywood, in 2011 Fiona changed her life’s direction and became a commercial pilot flying humanitarian aid in the Caribbean, which included two missions to Haiti in the wake of 2016’s Hurricane Matthew that she coordinated, raised funds for and flew herself, partnering with the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, plus working as captain for a private on-demand air charter company. She was the most requested captain when the lockdowns of 2020 saw the aviation industry grounded.

With so much uncertainty in the world, she returned to Australia, basing herself in Western Australia.

In 2021, Fiona returned to the Australian stage, songwriting, playing guitar, and singing in two projects: an acoustic duo Spiff & Fifi (which hit Number 1 in the Australian Country Radio Charts in July that year) and original rock band, SEAWITCH (whose debut album entered the independent charts at Number 2 in November 2022).

Once again, Fiona was inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to be confident and free to express themselves musically.

In addition to mentoring young female musicians, Fiona volunteered at her local community radio station, Radio Margaret River, producing and hosting “Sistars.” Every fortnight she interviewed local female artists and showcased their music and art.

Throughout flying and playing music again, Fiona returned to the laptop, when in 2017 Australian publisher, Rockpool Publishing/Simon & Schuster, invited her to write again, leading to three internationally published books and bestsellers in their genre: 2017’s autobiography, The Naked Witch, 2019’s manifesto, The Art of Witch, and 2021’s Teen Magick-Witchcraft for a New Generation. Fiona also released a debut Oracle deck, The Magick of You, to acclaim in 2019.

In August 2023, Dark Magick Oracle—Reveal the Light Within (Rockpool Publishing) continued Fiona’s shining presence in the oracle world.

She has another upcoming oracle deck, The Lost Oracle, due for release in 2024, and more publishing projects on the horizon.

In 2023 she announced her spiritual adventure experiences for women, leading with “Meet Yourself in Egypt” to a very positive response—her first trip selling out in just 72 hours. She will be offering regular: “Meet Yourself in…” experiences in amazing locations around the world. Keep an eye on to stay updated.

She plans to offer experiences for the LGBTQIA community also.

Fiona’s personal passions include being a 100 ft+ freediver, world record-holding skydiver, professional firedancer, and world traveler.